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Company Profile

Funding Hub Finance & Loan was established in the middle of 1974, and it is a joint company owned by private idividuals. The authorized capital is $ 1,200 million and the paid-up amount is $ 1,050 million.

Funding Hub Finance aims to mobilize and recycle financial resources for the development of the world economy. This is done through the company's practice of its activities in two basic areas: investment in projects with economic feasibility in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors around the globe.

Providing banking and financial services to private and public sector institutions world wide

Why choose Funding Hub Finance

We provide online instant cash loans with quick approval that suit your term



We’re a business too so we know what it’s like to borrow from traditional lenders. We want to make it easy for business owners to apply and qualify for business financing.



Traditional loans can be quite rigid and usually don’t offer terms that meet the unique needs of businesses. At Funding Hub Finance we realize businesses need more than a “cookie cutter approach” so we strive to offer the most flexible business loans with options like skipped payments, lower payments, or longer terms


Customer Service

We believe automated systems are great for ordering office supplies but when it comes to business loans we feel you deserve a real person dedicated to your account. Unlike most of our competitors we actually answer the phone

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